Friday, February 09, 2007

True Love Leads to Housework

I listed this ACEO up in the shop today. I really must say, this is probably my current favorite work. I saw this quote while browsing around for sayings that fit the family portrait that I did and I simply *had* to make an ACEO of it. : )

The mapping on the card mirrors the courtship of my husband and myself (although housework reared its ugly head much earlier in reality ; ) From a first kiss to romantic dinners to being engaged to getting married to "keeping house".

This card is done entirely in ink and colored pencil, so yes, the background is actually color pencil! I love that effect! It looks like a wood plaque or an ancient map.

ACEO-True Love Leads to Housework

I am planning on drawing more ACEOs in the coming days. It's been awhile since I drew on a regular basis and making these little pieces is very relaxing. I love being able to complete and list a finished piece in a night.

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