Monday, February 12, 2007

Spotlight on adorebynat

Despite being madly in love with paper, and making cards myself, I never seem to have developed a knack for that "scapbooking" style. The layering of papers and embellishments requires striking that perfect balance between color, texture, and shape. How do you use embellishments in ways the are integrated in the cards? How do you create a signature style when you are using components that are available to many others?

Adorebynat is bursting with cards that answer those questions. Subtle, striking, memorable, sophisticated--Nat's cards have the same posh feel as designer furniture. Sure it may be a simple card, made with similar components to other cards, but it has a certain flair that makes you sit up and take notice.

Part of the equation are the sumptuous materials used--thick, quality cardstock with rich, deep colors--and part is the evident quality. Squares are sharp, straight, and perfectly square. Text is rich, deep, and perfectly aligned.

However, what really makes cards from adorebynat stand out is the clear sense of style. The entire shop bathes in reds, oranges, greens, blues, and browns and manages the delicate balance between too plain and too busy, settling on "just right".

Two of her cards are shown below. Click on either of the images to be taken to the listing in her shop for that item.

The first image is a Valentine's Day card. Here, you can clearly see the shop's aesthetic. When many other card makers are drowning in seas of red, pink, black, and silver adorebynat stays true to the shop's hallmark colors. Only the pink heart and delicate ribbon suggest any of the classic Valentine's Day imagery, yet the card is instantly identifiable.

The second image is a set of four everyday note cards that are refreshingly sunny. Simply stating "wish", these little cards could be put to a myriad of uses--from thank you cards to birthday cards to "just because" cards.

Happy Valentines Day Card

With fresh takes on every season that break out of the "standard" colors and motifs, adorebynat is definitely a shop to watch. I am continually amazed by the variety and elegance of her new listings. I predict great things from this little shop.

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