Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Act of Kindness

One new card in the shop today--an act of kindness thank you card with a stunning dark blue flower. : )

Act of Kindness

I also got started on a new batch of cards this evening. I have a few that are getting sent out for various reasons, the rest will be going up in the shop. I also need to finish a bunch of promos for a both a promo swap and the "All Things Etsy" bags.

The "All Things Etsy" bags are being sold through octarine's shop over at http://octarine.etsy.com. They are promotional bags filled with promos from all kinds of sellers all over etsy that octarine sells for a small fee to cover bags, handling, and assembly. You can see an example right over here. It's a very cool concept so I will be excited to see if it generates any results.

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