Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spotlight on KillTaupe

Disclaimer: I adore thick, black outlines. And bright colors. And art that makes me laugh. And I'm a Pepsi junkie.

And other than the Pepsi part, KillTaupe delivers in spades. His shop focuses on two main things--small, strong, funny little portraits the size of an index card and various useful items made from soda cans. Samples of each are shown in the images below. Click on any of the images to be taken to the listing in his shop for that item.

The first work I saw by KillTaupe was his Chicken Sandwich No Mayo painting. Aside from the deliciously ironic title, the work itself had me laughing out loud. One thing that runs consistent throughout all of the mini paintings are the wildly expressive eyebrows. Despite the absurdity of being placed--still alive and kicking--into a sandwich, this poor chicken seems to have resigned itself to it's fate. Its eyebrows say "Oh, dear, now what?".

KillTaupe's mini paintings are minimal, conveying an idea without any unnecessary details. This aesthetic carries over onto the background which is left unpainted. This not only allows the gorgeous wood to shine but lends cohesiveness to the series. You could easily imagine buying them all and lining them up on your wall, in part because the lovely wood ties them all together.

The second type of work found in KillTaupe's shop are items made from recycled cans. At first glance, I thought that these items were made from soda boxes, however, on closer inspection, I realized that they were made from soda cans. Learning that gave me an immense respect for these pieces. Although his shop is currently Coke-a-cola dominated (ahem), his item listings state that he would be happy to create these items with "recycled cans from your favorite tasty beverage!"

The second picture below is a large mirror (total size 18" x 18" or 46cm x 46cm) which I find stunning. However, the shop also features small photo frames made in the same manner for those with less room or pocket cash.

Chicken Sandwich No Mayo Mini Painting by KillTaupeCoke Classic Recycled Mirror by Kill Taupe

Despite being very new to etsy, KillTaupe has built up a very solid store with some amazing pieces. I would be very suprised if he doesn't garner more than a few collectors (I definitely *need* a bunny in a blender for my wall and then, of course, he might need friends...).

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