Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Little Love Notes and Custom Linework

Today, I listed another little set of love notes in the shop. These ones are "Happy" because of the bright, cheerful colors on the envelopes. Looking at that paper makes me smile. : ) The perfect way to chase away winter blues.

Happy Little Love Notes

As promised, here is the linework I drew up last night for my custom order. One dragonling for each member of the family. The family came out centered a bit higher than I anticipated, so I am thinking of adding some text below them. The buyer has given me carte blanche on what to add, although she agrees that it needs *something*. I'm going to look up quotes tonight, I think, and see if I can find anything both lovey dovey and "gothic". And then run it by my hubby to make sure it isn't too "girly". (I have a penchant for making things girly. How, I will never know. I was the most decidedly un-girly kid, but I found my feminine in college and it shows strongly in my work.)

Final details will be inked after coloring and the border is of my own creation.

Custom Order--Linework

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