Saturday, February 03, 2007

Act of Kindness and a Custom Order

Today I posted up another "Act of Kindness" thank you card in the shop. I really love the paper on this flower. I really enjoy textured patterns--I think they add a lot of depth an dimensional interest, so this yellow/brown paper really stands out for me. It looks very weathered and beautiful. : )

Act of Kindness-- Thank You Card

Also, I accepted a custom order for an ACEO. It's to be a family portrait of dragonlings. I'm really excited about this piece--it's going to have 5 dragonlings and an egg (to represent the one on the way) as well as a custom border I designed. I sent the customer some sketches yesterday that she approved. Tonight I am going to draw up the line work and, depending on how long that takes, play around with some color variations.

It feels really good to stretch myself like this. This will be the first piece I have done with so many dragonlings at once, which is proving to be a challenge. Usually I just keep starting over until I am happy. But when you have five dragonlings that all need to work together, starting over becomes time consuming and wasteful. Also, this will be the first piece I have done with a border.

The customer has been a joy to work with; she's offered up a couple of really great ideas and seems really excited about the piece.

If all goes well, I should have at least the linework to showcase tomorrow. : )

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