Sunday, January 21, 2007

Little Love Notes and Street Team Boxes!

Things have been a bit mixed up these last couple of days. Yesterday, I added a card set to the shop, but got distracted and forgot to blog. Today, I didn't add anything to the shop, but I'm blogging! : )

The good news is that I got distracted from blogging yesterday because I was busy putting together some pretty neat little packages. A few of my super-cool friends volunteered to act as a "street team" for me--getting the word out about both my shop and Etsy in general. So I spent yesterday making up things to go in their boxes.

The final make up for each box was
1 info sheet on how/where to promote
1 custom drawn button, based on their requests
1 sample of Lacyee's Loot from Lacyee at Etsy
1 art card
2 note cards
2 samples of soap from You Stink Soap at Etsy
2-3 random other promos I thought they might like
3 pens with my logo on them
5 teeny tiny cards
10 quarter fliers with the "Top 5 Reasons to Shop on" that I made up
10 color quarter fliers for my shop with pictures of my products!
20 promotional pins
20 buisness cards

Street Team Packs

Whew! Hopefully, this will generate positive results!

As for what I actually got up in the shop--it was a set of three teeny tiny "love notes". I really like this set, it has a very 50's feel to it with the black and white polka-dot paper and the black, red, and ivory color combination is classically romantic.

Little Love Notes- Set of Three

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