Monday, January 22, 2007

Think Pink!

Lots of good news today! First off, today I finalized a custom order with for 10 pink ribbon dragonlings for resell through their website. 50% of all proceeds from the website go to the Susan G Koman foundation for breast cancer research. Just within my own circle of family and friends I know so many people who have been touched by this disease, so I consider this to be a very worthy cause. Since we just finalized the arrangement today, it will be about a month (I would guess) before they hit the website, but keep your eyes peeled!

In more mundane (but no less pink) news, I listed two new things in the store today. The first is another set of "love notes" with a pink swirled flower and matching envelopes for the smaller cards. The larger card in this set reads "When we are not in love too much, we are not in love enough. Busso Rabutin".

Love Notes--Mixed Set

The second item I listed is a very versatile note card that reads "Follow Your Dreams" with a soft pink flower.

Follow Your Dreams Note Card

Also, I mentioned yesterday the quarter fliers that are going out in my Street Team's are images of them! This first one is a photo flier for my shop that visually shows a sampling of the products that I have for sale.

Photo flier

The second one, however, is a far more general flier. It lists the "Top 5 Reasons to Shop on" and is entirely from my own head. These are the reasons that compel me and (from what I have seen others say) compel many other people to shop etsy and/or handmade. Because this flier is applicable to so many people, I am more than willing to share. After all, getting the word out about etsy benefits all the sellers on etsy. So, if you have a shop on etsy (or just really, really love etsy and want to spread the love) either leave your email address in a comment, or email me at mrsdragonswares AT gmail DOT com and I will email you Word Document that has this flier all made up. The way I have the Word Document set up, there are four to a sheet so you can save ink and paper and still promote!

Top Five Reasons to Shop at

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