Thursday, February 01, 2007


Last night I got it into my head to do something I haven't done in quite awhile--draw ACEOs. The small size makes them perfect for experimenting and I wanted to play with blending my prismacolors. Plus I had a vision in my head and the only way to get those out of my head is to draw.

Thus, I bring you the first of an elemental series of ACEOs--Fire. A small dragonling breathes fire that rages out, almost obscuring the background.

This ACEO is also a VAST Collectible. I've mentioned VAST on here before, the Visual Artists Street Team on Etsy. Well, we decided that to help get the word out we were going to create ACEOs with eyes in them (our VAST symbol). So, I've hidden an eye in the ACEO. Can you see it? The second image, I have outlined the eye to make it easier to find. : )

FireFire-Eye Outlined

In other news, I received my discount cards from Office Depot the other day--exactly as described. Beautiful raised lettering too. The only thing worth mentioning is that their online "preview" tool is slightly off and doesn't depict final placement 100% accurately. Which is only a problem in that I was trying to fudge their pre-done formats. For a dollar though, no complaints from me! If the offer ever comes around I again, I highly recommend it!

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