Sunday, December 10, 2006

Larith and Teryn and a Good Surprise!

Two new dragonlings landed in the shop today.

Larith, drawn in his portrait showing off his newest talent--breathing fire, likes chow mien, sunshine, and carpeting. He thinks that carpeting is fun to roll around in. Especially the really long, fuzzy kind. He doesn't like leaky pens, peppermint and spiders. He says that spiders chase him around and he hates getting caught in their webs. That's part of the reason he's been practicing his fire breathing, so he can extract himself faster.

Teryn, who I caught in the middle of her move, says that she likes organizing things, cold soda, and movie soundtracks. This is a dragonling after my own heart. Her favorite movie soundtrack is Chicago because she says the music "just makes you want to get up and move". She dislikes moving furniture, cockroaches, and jelly. She says she doesn't like cockroaches because they are ugly and can still fly. She's a bit particular, thinking that only pretty things should fly.


Also, I was very pleasantly surprised this morning to see an email in my inbox saying that I had tied for first place on the VAST Bookmark Challenge! I was stunned!!! There are so many amazing artists in that group; I am honored to have been picked as one of the top.

My co-winner is Lisa of Asilart. If you go into her shop, under "other" you can see her beautiful bookmarks. I highly recommend checking out her shop.

The extra-super special part of winning this challenge is that my bookmarks will be featured in the VAST Newsletter and on the VAST Blog"!

I guess this means I should get those bookmarks into my shop pronto! I've been holding off because I wanted to make the informational cards for each dragon, but that project just jumped to the top of my "to do" list. : ) Expect to see the bookmarks in the shop this week!

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