Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blossoming Thank You Card

Today I added a single thank you card to the shop. This one curls in the opposite direction from the last card I posted, matching the sets that I had in the shop previously. I like "Blossoming" better than "Blooming"--it doesn't get that Outback commercial stuck in my head! : )

Blosoming Thank You Card

Tomorrow I have my last two finals. Whew. I've spent today reading and studying (still a bit more to do actually!). Once those are over, I can finally get back to everything else that has been terribly neglected. Part of my holiday goals is to rework my etsy shop. The descriptions need to be overhauled and I need to make sure 100% of my listings have the new shipping profiles in place (I think I may have missed a few). I also plan on re-taking some un-inspiring photos, and, of course, making more things! The top of my etsy list is getting my dragonling bookmarks up and in the shop! In all honestly, getting the cards done for the dragonlings and steadily listing/blogging is probably all of the etsy stuff that will get done this week. But that's okay. : )

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