Thursday, November 23, 2006


Meet Peryia. She likes martinis, flying, and watercolors. She likes to think that liking martinis makes her sound "refined", the way that liking watercolors makes her sound like an "artist". It's silly but we go with it. She dislikes helicopters, tomatoes, and lineolium. She thinks lineolium is "tacky" and doesn't fit her "refined" image. Helicopters just scare her senseless while she is flying...too big, too loud--very unrefined.

I made a whole slew of new thank you cards for the shop and finished up the final mistletoe cards. Those will be trickling into the shop for the next week or two.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, but being the wild and crazy people that we are, my family is having our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday instead. I'm very happy because that means that tomorrow is a day dedicated to etsy, baking, and hanging out with my husband! We've volunteered to bring pie so the house will be nice and warm tomorrow and smelling delicious. Mmmm.


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