Thursday, November 09, 2006


This is Ornth, the newest of my little dragonlings. His portrait was done while he was playing a game at his most recent birthday party. That may have influenced him to list party games among his likes, along with snail mail, and brownies. His dislikes include cucumbers (too crunchy!), spoon collections (too weird!), and politics (too messy!). He's a fun loving little guy. One of those dragons who is so popular but so nice you can't hate him for it; you know the type. Go say hello to him by clicking on his portrait below!

Along with adding Ornth to the shop, I've been busy re-taking pictures of older cards that never had the benefit of the light box. I've begun to relist some of the older ones, so you will see those popping to the top of my shop for the next few days.


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