Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hali and Mistletoe

Two new listings in the shop today! First up is Hali, another little dragonling. (18th of the 43) For her portrait, Hali is doing her best zombie impersonation. (Her parents are hoping it's just a phase). Hali whispered her likes to me as hand-me-downs, dolphins, and curry. She likes hand-me-downs because they are extra-extra soft and they make a great place for her to nap in. She doesn't like sponge cake, bears, reading maps. She says the maps are always too big to see everything at once and they never look the same as the real world, anyway.

Giving Hali a place to hide is another new mistletoe card. This one has "got mistletoe?" stamped in dark green on the interior.

And remember go out and VOTE today!

Got Mistletoe? (Green)

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