Friday, October 27, 2006

No New Items Today

Instead of finishing up things to put in the shop, I spent the time to clean up my living room and desk, which serve as my "studio" of sorts. Silly me forgot to take before pictures, but here are some with the state of after:

Here is my desk looking from one end, toward the computer.

Here it is again standing on the other side, also looking down toward my computer.

Notice in both pictures that you can see the desk. This is a new development. : )

This is the "kitchen table" which has become my own personal etsy studio for taking photos, storing stock, and shipping.

My postal scale, all ready to measure shipping for cards, and the 1000 shiny business cards that arrived today. : D

Stock which will hopefully all have new homes soon! : )

The great box o' stuff in progress! This includes finished things that aren't yet listed, half baked ideas that need some work, and bits and pieces of projects.

Shipping stuff-envelopes, bubble wrap, and promos are tucked in under the table.

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