Tuesday, October 10, 2006

EtsyAngels A Lifetime of Love

These cards represent a couple of new things for my shop. First of all, they are in a bit of a new style. The dimensional elements are much more subtle, being simply ribbon and a "raised" cutout as the focal point. Secondly, and most importantly they are my first "Etsy Angel" item. Etsy Angels are a group of socially conscious sellers who vote each month on a charity to donate to. Then we mark specific items as being "Etsy Angel" items and specify the percentage from the sale that we will donate. At the end of the month, everyone's donations are collected up and sent in en mass. This month's charity is Toys for Tots--one of my favorite causes. : )

If you would like to see what other sellers (and items!) are participating, you can check out the etsy angels blog here: http://etsyangels.blogspot.com/

The name for this set is taken from the cutouts that they feature. The sequence of "Love", "Cherish" and "Home Sweet Home" brought to mind the flow of falling in love, getting married, and buying a home. The rich red paper and the black ribbon seemed a very elegant fit. (Of course, I may be a wee bit biased having had a red and black wedding... ; )

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