Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Purple Plaid Flower Sculpture Wrapping Set

This is the third of my flower wrapping sets. As per usual, it has a large flower sculpture sewn onto a 12" ribbon, 2 yards of matching ribbon and your choice of coordinating envelopes and stamped messages.

I really like these wrapping sets; they add that "something special" to a present. Also since the flower is sewn onto a separate piece of ribbon, it can be easily saved and reused or re-purposed-- adorning a vase or becoming a bookmark.

This will be the last flower sculpture a list for a bit. I have several other things to list (including some more Etsy Angel items!) that I need to get up first. However, the flower sculptures should be back soon (within the next week or so) with a new super-secret addition to the line-up. Stay tuned for the great unveiling!

Flower Wrapping Set

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