Saturday, November 09, 2013

Word Quilt Progress

Sewing Saturday

My Word Quilt is coming together slowly but surely. I got the first three blocks made over the summer and then took an unintentional extended hiatus. There was a trip back to California (which I apparently never posted about! Yikes!), other projects to be sewn and a presentation to prep for. But today I was able to make my guild's Sewing Saturday and add to that tally. I got a late start and left a bit early, because it was a mosey-ing kind of day. But it felt good to be sewing again!

Here they are all together:

Sewing Saturday

And no, that is not representative of the layout, it was just a way to get them all in the shot. I won't work on the layout until I have all the major blocks finished--at least two more.


  1. Very cool project!! I've only done a small pillow, but it was quite enjoyable - hope I can do more quilting in the future :)

    1. If you ever want a group to quilt with, let me know. Our guild is awesome! We have monthly meetings and every three weeks we sew together. It's been so good for helping me sew more consistently and I have learned so much from the other members.


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