Saturday, November 02, 2013


Wedding Collage

I suppose after that tease in my last post, it's the least I can do to start off this month by talking about the wedding we attended last weekend.

I love weddings. It's a chance to dance and laugh. To see friends and celebrate. To get nostalgic about our own wedding. And it helps that our friends and family tend to put on amazing affairs. (Disclaimer, I'm probably rather biased in that evaluation).

This couple was no exception. We've known the groom for years, his ex girlfriend was one of the first people I met when we moved to town. And his now wife is an amazing lady--a tattoo artist who is into historical costuming, belly dancing, and raising hairless cats. She made not only her own dress (including bustle and corset) but also period dresses (plus bustles and corsets) for 6 her brides-people. In less than a year. That alone should deserve a medal!

The wedding itself was held at a historic home which was owned by the family of the bride. The officiant was another friend of ours, who is getting in the habit of marrying everyone in our circle of friends (and always does a fantastic job!)

Jason and Laura's Wedding!

They served chili from one favorite local restaurant and cupcakes from another (see the picture up top). A photographer did a "photo booth", a historical string band played the music and later taught the guests old time historical dances like the Virgina Reel. (Which was So Much Fun! I've always loved the look of old fashioned dances, but actually dancing them is even better! Even if I can't keep count and kept reeling the wrong way. Still ridiculously fun!)

Jason and Laura's Wedding!

After the band left, the bride and her belly dancing troupe danced while her new husband drummed alongside one of the group's more experienced drummers.

After the wedding started breaking up, we checked into our hotel, got settled and then went out for a late night dinner/midnight snack with some of the other friends who were staying in town. It was a low key ending to a lovely day.

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