Sunday, September 08, 2013

Noah in Concert


Sometime last year, a friend of mine posted about an awesome cover she heard on her local radio station. (Which, incidentally, was in Canada. Oh how I love you internet).

That cover lead me to subscribe to his you tube channel. And then to fund his indie-go-go campaign to record an album. When the album arrived last month, I found myself playing it on loop.

So you'll understand why when I heard that he was coming to town, I jumped at the opportunity. It may have been a late show for a weeknight, but with $5 tickets, how could I refuse? Instead I brought a friend along. : )

I really enjoyed the show. We stopped by his table afterwards and when I mentioned I was an Indie-go-go supporter, I totally got a hug. ^_^


My hubby keeps telling me we are hipsters and I keep resisting. I mean hipsters are all thick rimmed glasses and skinny jeans and pretentious bullshit, right? And then I keep finding myself doing hipster-y things. So what can I say? Maybe my little local produce loving, undiscovered artist supporting heart has a small hipster streak. And maybe I'm just too busy enjoying awesome music and delicious food to really care what label comes with that.

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