Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rocket City Bloggers: Year Long Blogging Challenge Week 3


This week's topic: The apocalypse is upon us! What do you stock up on?

I always tell people that when the zombie apocalypse hits, my inability to slaughter an animal means I'll be going vegetarian. Which may also be a problem given that my understanding of gardening is pretty much "shove seeds in ground, water". And I won't have google to advise me.

So my survival plans comes down less to stuff than people. I have friends who can hunt (and butcher). Friends who can grow things and heal things. Friends who can make things and fix things. I figure if we band together, we'll have a fighting chance, but we'll need a few things.

  • Lots of stockpiled food to carry us through while we set up our own resources
  • Hand powered tools, rope, nails, and screws for making shelter and traps
  • Iodine tablets to purify water
  • Backpacks, space blankets to allow for moving and sleeping outside
  • Knives, sharpening tools, guns (with ammo) to hunt and (if necessary) for protection
  • Notebooks, writing utensils to keep records of things like growing seasons
  • Needle, thread, fabric to make/mend clothes, tents, etc
  • A reliable set of pots and pans, a bowl, cup, and spork for each person, a dutch oven
  • Mason jars and large stock pots to allow canning
  • Seeds and fertilizer to grow food
  • A large cart or wagon to store supplies/serve as a shelter
  • A cow/ox/horse to pull the cart
  • Books on any of the above subjects

Of course, it would probably also be best to get into shape and learn a few things first. So here's hoping the apocalypse is a long way off yet.

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