Monday, March 04, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge--Day 4

1993-1994 6th Grade Picture

Today's topic: Favorite Childhood Memory

Is it weird that no one thing immediately jumps to mind? I had a happy childhood; one with the usual trials and  tribulations of a middle class kid with nothing too much to complain about. The things I loved stand out to me most as details.

My glow in the dark dinosaur tees and how I would cup my hands around the image to try and see them glow in the daylight. Pig fights with my best friend and beanie pigs. The year I convinced my mom to buy a book on how to have a Double Dare themed birthday party and then followed through and did just that for my birthday. The silly song we made up for my 10th birthday. Baking cookies all by myself for the first time. Dancing along with the music during the credits of movies. The feel of my favorite clothes. Listening to Savage Garden's album endlessly on repeat in high school. Listening to Randy Travis' album endlessly on repeat in elementary school. Making s'mores and singing songs and talking around campfires until they were just embers. Falling into books. The blue and white bike with a banana seat that was my first two-wheeler. How my dad took me to go pick it up just before my birthday party. Roller skating down the hall on my Fischer Price skates, the ones that clamped on over your shoes. My dad teaching me to roll spheres of play dough. Making Christmas cookies with my mom every year. Jumping from bed to bed with my brother, when we were still young enough to share a room. Trying so hard to perfect the motion of a mermaid in our neighbor's swimming pool. My rainbow swimsuit. Leggings with oversized t-shirts. My giant orange stuffed t-rex.

In short, a childhood exactly the same and completely different from thousands of others.

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  1. I love your kid-glasses!

    also a big fan of savage garden and trying to mermaid in a pool... hehe. :D

    also books. that was one of the biggest parts of my childhood. blowing through lots and lots of books.


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