Thursday, March 21, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge--Day 21

Post Voting Lunch

Today's topic: What's your biggest fear?

I have 3 things that turn me into an incoherent mess:

1. Spiders--My blood curdling scream upon finding a spider on my nightstand once sent my dad rushing across the house to save me. He was less than thrilled to discover he was saving me from a "harmless" garden spider. I've reached the point where as long as a spider is across the room, I'm near an exit, and it's not moving then we can have an understanding. If any of those are not true, it's back to screaming. Any spiders discovered when the hubby is not home are reason to vacate the room.

2. Needles--I've managed to reach an uneasy truce where as long as they stick me with a butterfly needle in the hand I can get through a blood draw with minimum whimpering. But blood draws from the vein in my elbow? Do not go well. The staff is always convinced I'm going to faint because I go white as a ghost. One trip to the hospital involved several people holding me down to draw the blood because they sprung it on me like it was no big deal.

3. Losing my husband--I try not to consider this one too much. Losing Wash in Serenity got me started on one of those crying jags where you pretty much can't stop. So, we go ostrich style on this one, "la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you". I plan on being happily married until we are least 90, by which point I will have hopefully come to terms with reality. Otherwise? We've got to figure out this immortality thing.

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