Friday, March 15, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge--Day 15


Today's topic: List 10 things that make you awesome.

1. I have seriously impressive organizational skills. I don't mean organizing-the-pantry type stuff. I mean looking at a big picture, then looking at a hodge podge of information and sorting it, classifying it, pulling it into a cohesive structure, and making it make sense to other people. This is one of my greatest strengths at work.

2. I can bake seriously tasty treats. Martha Stewart might turn up her nose at my decorating skills (which are adequate) but the baked goods themselves? They rock.

3. I am an efficiency rock star. Give me a mundane, repetitive task to do and I'll optimize it. Give me errands to run and I will chart my route so as to be as direct as possible. Give me a computer task to do and I'll figure out the fewest clicks to do it in. It's a meta game I play in life, always in the back of my mind, I'm looking for ways to do things faster, with less steps, and more success. Naturally, I love automation.

4. I enjoy puns and silly jokes. (What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho cheese!) The world needs more humor that is positive and kind.

5. I have a great appreciation for good design, of both the industrial and mechanical flavors. Everyone loves an appreciative audience and I'm happy to be one.

6. I am a natural leader. I do not mean to imply that I am a perfect leader nor that I am always good at leading. But I gravitate toward positions of leadership, I am happy to devote my time to helping the organizations I am part of achieve great things and continue the great things they are already doing.

7. I am collaborative. I prefer to work with people to solve problems. I love discovering things together, talking things out, brainstorming and building on everyone's contributions. I suppose this ties into #1--when I work with people who are idea generators, I can curate, hone and evaluate the ideas, and together we can move mountains.

8. I have fun with fashion and personal expression. I would call my style "traditional with a twist" but basically, think traditional cuts with pops of bright colors, handmade accessories, and a little bit funky (dyed hair, multiple ear piercings, I'd have tattoos if I didn't loathe needles).

9. I have a great love for community and endeavor to support local artists, farmers, and businesses as much as I can. Every year we are able to tie ourselves to our community a bit more and though I'm not yet where I would like to be, every little bit counts.

10. I am persistent. Sometimes I manage to avoid obnoxious, sometimes I run right into it. But if something is important, it will not be forgotten, dropped or ignored. It will get done.


  1. 8) for the record, I also hate needles -- but the IV/shots kind. if I know it's not going into my muscles or veins, I'm okay. (that really, really freaks me out). tattooing is more akin (physically) to cat-scratches than to piercing/shots, even though they both use needles. just thought I'd mention it. :)

  2. True...I have WAY more issues with needles into the vein at my elbow than into the vein in my hand. for thought. ^_^


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