Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thanksgiving 2012

In years past, I've taken a few minutes on Thanksgiving to reflect on the things I am grateful for. This year's celebration was a bit more hectic what with a cold and company, so I am a few days late. All the same:

  • For local friends. This year has been the year that our social circle has coalesced. I finally feel like we are part of a supportive community.
  • For faraway friends. For those who keep in touch even when it's not the easy or convenient thing to do.
  • For sweet kitty cuddles. And for how the cats always know when I am sick or lonely and stick more closely by my side.
  • For family. Both my own and my husband's, they are people I genuinely enjoy spending time with.
  • For a well stocked library. And for a rekindled love of reading.
  • For my hubby. He is my touchstone and my greatest encouragement.
  • For goals completed. And the ability to dreamer bigger because of them.

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