Friday, November 02, 2012

Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Kalidescope

In addition to Quiet Time, I am also working on another quilt. A baby quilt for an unexpected addition. Naturally, it has a soft deadline of the same day as the wedding Quiet Time is celebrating. So....I have two quilts to finish. And two weeks to go. Don't worry, I've got this. (I think)

For this quilt, I started with some fun fabric and the idea of doing a Stack N Whack.

New Fabric!

With a little help from my guildmates, I managed to get all of my pieces cut and sewn in a single day (!)

Butterfly Kalidescope

Seeing the completed blocks, I'm even happier that this will be a baby quilt. Lots for baby to look at and lots of great pattern matching and 3D thinking skills exercises.

My next step is to add triangular pieces to the hexies to turn them into squares. Add a a little shashing and *voila*, we'll have a quilt top. Both of those will be a bright, solid turquoise, so the kaleidoscope blocks will appear to float. Beyond that, I have lots of nebulous ideas, but nothing is nailed down yet.

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