Sunday, October 07, 2012

Quiet Time Layouts

Wedding Quilt

Having made and sliced a whole slew of 9-patch blocks, I was finally able to get them up on my design wall. This is an approximate layout as I've done no fiddling with these, simply threw them up in whatever order they were stacked in.

Here's a closer view of part of the center, from when I was just starting to get things up on the wall.

Wedding Quilt

The one thing you will notice in the full image is that the outer two rows all the way around (except on the right side, I'll need to make more to finish that up) have no blue in them. I had initially planned to mix these in among the blocks with the blue, but the small blue squares created such a neat secondary pattern that I hated to break it up. Instead, I placed the blocks without the blue to the outside, where it creates a super subtle framing effect and really makes the blue pop.

Sewing these all together while keeping the order is going to be...special.

I think I'm going to sew them one row at a time, stacking them and sewing a single row, then ironing and throwing it back up on the design wall. Sewing them as 9 patches would probably give me cleaner points, but I just know that doing that will lead to a lot of seam ripping since I will screw up the orientation of the small blocks.

I also have not squared up the blocks...I don't particularly relish that task, but I know things will line up better if I do, so I probably will. Again, I could do it one row at a time to keep from having everything blur together.

Once I finally do get all of these together, the plan is to border it in a lovely chocolatey brown and make some giant disappearing 9 patch blocks for the back, in the same fabrics. I'm thinking one of the white or cream fabrics for the binding. And for the quilting? Loopy, swirly hearts if I can manage to schedule time on a friend's longarm and a squared meander if not.


  1. Pretty! I like.

    Although I don't envy you the squaring and sewing...yeeesh. =)

  2. I give you a lot of credit - you must really love these people. This color scheme does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever.

    1. I don't mind it. I like playing with solids and it's fun to see how it comes together with colors that are so similar. (It would be a good exercise in values if I wasn't randomizing everything ; ) What would kill me are lots and lots of 80's florals. GAUGH. We all have our kryptonite though. : )

  3. You are doing a fantastic job regardless of my previous comment!


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