Monday, September 24, 2012

Ready to Sew

Grandma's Sewing Machine!

Last year we received some furniture from my grandmother. She was downsizing her house and was adamant that I be the one to receive her sewing machine and cabinet. So we hired a moving truck and last May, found ourselves with a whole lot of new-to-us furniture and one absolutely gorgeous sewing cabinet.

Well, what with studying for the PE exam and then catching up on the backlog that created, I haven't had a chance to touch it. Joining a local quilt guild has been a kick in the pants to make sewing a regular part of my life.

So, the other weekend, I finally fixed the cabinet (one of the stops had slipped forward and wasn't letting the shelf come fully forward), and got everything plugged in and set up. Naturally I had to test sew a small strip and I was blown away. The machine stiches beautifully. My Daisy is a solid little workhorse and was a step up from the vintage Singer machine I learned on. This machine (A Singer Touch 2010) is in a whole class of its own. Tons of stitches, maybe even serging (if I am interpreting the little symbols on my machine correctly), a two position speed regulator, a strong worklight (a wonderful bonus in my dim craft room), and of course, that beautifully smooth feed.

Grandma's Sewing Machine!

The cabinet itself is pretty swanky too. Electric machine lift (I think it needs some oil, it sounds like it's dying at the start, but it works well), Several shelves, plus small plastic racks on all four doors.

Now I just need to read the manual and figure out what all of these are:

Grandma's Sewing Machine!

Squeeeeee! : D


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