Monday, June 04, 2012

Ready to Go

Handstitched Class

Today is the first day of "lecture" for the Handstitched class. Since I am in the Premium (mid level) class, my course includes videos. Rachael did an awesome job with the technical details--speaking clearly, following a logical outline, keeping the close ups in focus--as well as with her clear explanations. Even though today's videos were just covering the very basics (types of thread, how to use an embroidery hoop, how to tie knots) I learned several new things.

The picture above is my selection of fabrics for the quilt we will be making (along with multiple smaller projects) and I am so freaking excited to start stitching already. : ) Usually this initial burst of rah-rah-enthusiasm gives out after a bit and settles into a steadier commitment, but for now? BURSTING with excitement.

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