Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Panoply 2012

A while back I mentioned getting colored hair extensions. I've been wanting to put streaks in my hair forever, but never did because bright hair color is just right out at the office.

Finally, it dawned on me that extensions could be a good solution and I asked my salon for recommendations. One trip to Hot Topic and $12 later, I had two sets, one blue/green and one red to play with. I've worn them pretty much every weekend since and I am LOVING it. The red especially, since I am drawn to BRIGHT colors.

What I didn't expect though was the reaction I would get from other people. I find that not only do people notice and remember me more but they talk to me more. I'll randomly hear "Oooh, I love that color!" from somewhere to my right and have to process, that, oh yea, they probably mean me. I've listened to involved monologues about weaves and extensions and had people assume the color was holiday specific. Overwhelmingly the response has been warm, welcoming and positive. Even if it is a little weird to suddenly be so memorable.

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