Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Week's Books

May 11, 2012 Books

So...I may have gotten a little carried away. I am in the middle of "The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairy Land in a Ship of Her Own Making" and "The Feminist Mystique" and I took four new books home from the library. Time to read like crazy? I actually only had 3 books on hold, but I saw Glamour in Glass (the sequel to Shades of Milk and Honey) sitting on the "what's new" display and I couldn't not grab it. So...four books. Should keep me busy. : )


  1. Mrs. Dalloway! Fun read. =)

  2. It was voted as this month's book in the Feminist Reader's Network on Goodreads. I've never read Wolfe before, so I'm interested to see how I like this.


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