Saturday, May 19, 2012


The Hubby and His New Car

In my last post, I mentioned that we sold the Pontiac. As you might imagine, this wasn't some wild hair. In fact, it was step 2. Step 1 was purchasing a new Toyota Matrix. Nautical blue metallic. Blue tooth enabled. With the spoiler and body side moldings and (simply because it's what the dealer could find) tinted windows.

The hubby is over the moon about his new love and has busily gone to work geeking it out. The blue tooth means his car and his smartphone can have deep pseudo-intellectual conversations. My husband's ever inquiring mind means that he found and set up an ap that allows him to set conditional behavior. Specifically, he's set it up so that as soon as he enters his car, his phone syncs with the car and turns on Pandora. No set up time, no fiddling, just sit down and wham! music of choice. It's crazy fabulous. As is the rest of the car. And my husband : )

Sexy Shiny New Car!

Sexy Shiny New Car!

Sexy Shiny New Car!

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