Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feeding and Care of The Deck

Restaining The Deck

Decks require lots of love. Pressure washing, sanding, staining. Goodbye leisurely weekend. Which is why, last year, while I was studying, the deck did not get refinished. Which was fine, a well treated deck should be able to go two years between finishings. However, that meant that the deck was looking pretty well beat up by this spring. The railings though, were still holding their own.

So we cheated. In one hot, sticky, sweaty 90 + degree day, the hubby and I refinished the decking and the tops of the railings. We're hoping to get another 2 years out of it before we have to do a full re-do.

Restaining The Deck

We're also hoping the rain will hold off until at least Thursday. *crosses fingers*


  1. Thank you for illustrating so nicely why I don't like wooden decks! But as far as decks go, yours looks nice. No scorpions there, I hope?

    Also, for some reason your blog eats every comment I make coming over from reader, unless I go through blogger as well, meaning a double-log-in. I don't know why, but there you go. I gave up trying to comment for a while until I figured that out. Seems like something you could explain. =)

  2. Every year I am more grateful that ours is a relatively *small* wooden deck. Someday, when our TLC is no longer enough, I figure we'll replace it with that presealed wood that you never have to restain. Best of both worlds!

    The only scorpions we've seen (oddly enough) have been in the house. I imagine if they are near the deck, they are under it and that works for me! : )

    Weird. I haven't seen that before. I'll have to ask around and see if anyone knows what's up with that.


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