Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book Update

Jan 13, 2012 Books

I never did post a picture of last weeks books, but rest assured I made it to the library and brought home some new friends. I still had books to finish from the week before, so I tried to keep it reasonable. (It helped that I only had enough time to grab what was already on hold for me.)

Since I finished all but one of my books, I took out a few more this week.

January 21, 2012 Books

That one on the bottom of the stack is a pretty healthy read. I found it on good reads and added it to my to-read list because it sounded interesting. It wasn't until I started paging through it at home that I realized that this may very well be the book that started the whole "attachement parenting" movement. Some of the things I caught while flipping through were rather cringe worthy (ie: If your child is abused, it's because you as a mother failed to be nurturing enough.). We'll see how it reads in context.

I'm trying to balance fun reads with more "serious" reads. In a way, I find the more "serious" books easier to read because they are easier to put down. It's easy to fall into the fun stuff and reemerge hours later, blinking and wondering what happened to the day.

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