Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recipe Failures

Recipe Failures

I have a collection of posts growing in my drafts folder. Recipes that we made that were just...not that great. Or downright bad. Sometimes our fault. Sometimes the recipe's. I can't quite bear to delete them...because I don't want to make them or similar recipes again. But neither am I inspired to post them because, well, they just weren't that great. And other, shinier objects have distracted me. So in the interest of clearing out my draft folder, here are those recipes that just didn't quite work out the way they should have.

1. Cheesy Squash Soup

We used yellow squash and a homemade cheese sauce instead of the processed cheese. The flavor was completely forgettable. (I really need to learn how to properly spice dishes!) We also made this back when we had only our mini food processor and we were unable to get it completely smooth. Strangely gritty soup = no good. We made this back in September and still have most of it in the freezer. Oops.

2. Banana Oat Muffins

I thought the oats sounded like an amazing addition, but was too lazy to use Joy the Baker's recipe because it essentially required making a meringue. Bad call.

I used 3/4 the amount of bananas called for an substituted applesauce for half the oil. All that was fine. What was not fine was the gross, gummy texture of the oats. The recipe called for rolled oats, not instant, so I'm not sure what happened there. But still? Ew. I think we still have some of these in the freezer too.

I was so un-enthused about them that this is the only picture I have of them. See them shoved there in the corner? Yea...

3. Pumpkin Bars

I somehow managed to miss the fact that these used cream cheese for the filling. I had been envisioning something closer to pumpkin pie. The crust was AMAZING and everyone else loved them but I just wasn't feeling it.

The photo shows a cooked pan on the left and an uncooked pan on the right.

4. Cheesy Turnips and Pasta

We added leftover cooked pasta at the end. This dish was edible. And completely forgettable. Lost in a sea of bland.

I still have some ridiculously tardy recipes to post (Thanksgiving? Hullo!), but they are, I promise, delicious and totally worth making. Now that I have these out of the way, perhaps I shall quit avoiding my drafts folder. : )

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