Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Curvy, Green, and All Mine

Out with the Old in with the New!

The holidays being what they are, I was gifted some cash. I was pondering what to do with it when I ran across this post at Joy the Baker's site and the first thought I had was "OMG I LOVE THAT DISH!". So imagine my joy when someone else had already had that thought and she had divulged where she found this beauty. It took about .4672 seconds (okay, a couple of hours) for me to make up my mind and place my order.

And this week, guess what was sitting by my front door? A box! With another box inside! Which held dishes!

Aside from the fact that these dishes are

a) gorgeous
b) green
c) curvy

there is another reason I was so very happy to meet them. You see, this has been my 8"x8" pan for years.


Actually, that's not entirely the truth. This 8"x8" pan has been my husband's for years. Since before we met. That's looking at 9 years people.

And while it's certainly done the job, it's scratched, abused, and, oh yea, can't be put in the dishwasher because water gets in under the rolled edge and rusts it from the inside out.

So, I'd been pondering buying a glass or ceramic 8"x8" pan for awhile now. Something dishwasher safe. Something practical. I didn't expect to find something beautiful.

But I did. And better yet?


It came with a friend.

Anyone have any good recipes for a 6"X6" pan? Because otherwise it will primarily be a serving dish. A really pretty serving dish, so I'm okay with that, but you gotta ask. : )


  1. I absolutely LOVE those dishes! They are very you. :) Can't beat that dish and its mini-me. Great purchase, and well worth the funds.

  2. Thank you! I am in lurve! : )

  3. This is gorgeous baking ware. Good buy!

    Swing by my blog if you get a chance:


  4. Thank you! Your recipes look amazing! I've added you to my reader. : )

  5. ohhh, those are nice. I really like the green.


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