Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Hunt for a Rug

Sizing a Rug

Now that we have our sunroom furniture (yay!), we are on the hunt for the next element--a large rug. The marble flooring is too dark for our taste but since (a) it's in pretty good shape (b) it looks like it can take a lot of abuse and (c) rugs are cheaper than ripper up flooring, a rug it is! Plus I love the idea of having a big soft rug in front of the fireplace--it makes the sunroom a winter friendly place to hang out. (Well, as soon as we figure out how to work the fireplace, but one step at a time!)

Towards that end, we marked out the floor to determine our size. Small enough to leave a walkway to the door. Large enough to have presence under the furniture. 9 X 13 it is. :)

Sizing a Rug

Now we just have to pick a rug. My husband finds animal skin rugs freaky and is concerned about potential wool allergies. I find a lot of the acrylic and synthetic rugs feel oily. So perhaps a nice faux sheepskin will split the difference? Or we could go for something will a little bit of color. We are planning on going to our local rug store this weekend to take a look at (and test feel) their options. Wish us luck!

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