Friday, October 01, 2010

Day 359/365--Hunkering Down

My daily contribution to my year long "Around the House" photo project. 365 photos. Blogged here.

359/365 Hunkering Down

Our doors have been settling and sticking lately, leaning on their hinges enough that unlocking them has become a chore. So tonight, after attempting to come in the garage door and not being able to put enough muscle into the key to make it turn, I decided to try the front door instead. Which is when I noticed something very alarming. The plant by the front door? The one that not that long ago had surprised me with its growth spurt? It's turning brown, dropping its leaves. Hunkering down for the winter to come.

Now last year, I adored fall. The crunchy leaves! The cute layered outfits! The bright blue skies! Then came the winter. The winter of snow and endless gray skies and a full month without getting above freezing. A two story house where the downstairs couldn't struggle above 58 degrees, meaning cooking dinner required coats. I'm just not ready for that again. So instead of gleefully watching the leaves change, all I can see is warning signs--each golden leaf a flag--winter is coming.

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