Friday, May 14, 2010

Community Supported Agriculture--Week 1

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is something I have been hearing about for years. The premise is simple: you pay money upfront to a local farmer. The local farmer uses that money to purchase seeds, fertilizer, and other farm necessities and then, for a predetermined amount of time, returns to you the results of that investment--fresh fruits and vegetables. Every farm runs their CSA program a little differently, at some you get biweekly deliveries, at others, weekly. Some offer bread or eggs or fresh flowers.

The idea has always intrigued me but the up front cost and our small kitchens (not ideal for preserving any excess) have always deterred me. But this year, this year I signed up! Yesterday evening was our first pick up and just look at the wonderfulness that came home!

CSA--Week 1

That would be strawberries, lettuce, radishes, broccoli...

CSA--Week 1

...Swiss Chard, and bunching onions.

CSA--Week 1 CSA--Week 1

I am absolutely ecstatic about our newfound bounty and I can't begin to start trying my hand at making new things. I've never cooked with radishes or Swiss chard, or bunching onions this will be quite an adventure!

If you are curious what CSA programs might be in your area (or farmers markets or organic food...) check out Local Harvest to find out!


  1. Anonymous3:03 AM

    The strawberries look delicious!
    I love radishes raw cutted in thin slices in my salad. Bunching onions are also great in salad, but I also like them cooked.

  2. Both sound wonderful! Do you know if there is a difference between bunching onions and green onions? I'm not sure if they are the same thing or just closely related.


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