Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Italian" Salad


This hardly counts as a recipe because it is so easy, but it is also pretty much the perfect salad. So I had to share!

Makes two small side salads

4 leaves romaine lettuce
4-6 grape tomatoes
3 kalamatra olives
White onion
Feta cheese

WASH and DRY lettuce and tomatoes
SLICE lettuce and kalamatra olives
(Optional) SLICE tomatoes
Chop about 1 tsp onion

PLACE half of the lettuce on each plate
Evenly DIVIDE and sprinkle the onion, olives, and tomatoes
TOP with feta


My Thoughts
1. I made this up after seeing feta in the grocery store and thinking "Salad!". It's become our favorite salad.
2. This salad is so tasty, I don't fuss with dressing. My hubby prefers his with blue cheese but I think any Italian or Vinaigrette dressing would work well.


  1. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Looks tasty!

    (But is probably rather Greek than Italian, with the feta and the kalamatra olives...)

  2. I usually eat my salads with ranch dressing so this was "Italian" salad since it seemed like it would go with Italian dressing. Only we didn't have any and then I found I liked it without any dressing. But yea, the name is probably something that makes sense only to me. : )


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