Thursday, March 04, 2010

Laptop Love

I am absolutely, completely smitten with my new laptop. I mean it's shiny, it's fast, the keyboard is backlit! Windows 7 is slick and clean, and the touch pad is a joy to use. So, naturally, the first thing I did with it was go window shopping. For vinyl decals. On Etsy. Because even if it's green, it's still not unique among a crowd.

Vinyl decals have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years for decorating just about thing they will stick to; so when a friend from Beer and Bloggers reminded me that they would stick to laptops...well I just had to see what I could find.

I love the swirling whirling font, but what letter would I get? My first inital? My last?

By Studio JK

Organic meets industrial. Work meets play. (I also love this one from the same seller, but I have absolutely no background in music.)

By Thosmhicks

I love the idea of a quote or several quotes. But which ones to choose? And how small can this lettering get?

By Old Barn Rescue Company

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