Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday # 11: Pondering

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Robby and Plug 1983

At some point while we were dating, the baby pictures came out. The hubby had wandered off somewhere and his grandmother was showing me her photo albums. That is when I first saw this picture of my love which quickly became one of my favorites (in the same way that the infamous Bow Picture is).

It's not just the fact that the wee would-be electrical engineer managed to discover this cord at the bottom of a basket, pull it out, and then sit and ponder it, that gets me. It's the look of intense concentration. He is completely focused on figuring out this strange thing. And he still does that. He still gets that same look when he the wheels are turning. I love the way those little habits and things that make us uniquely us are often things that have been with us our whole lives.


  1. look at that blond hair... and intense facial expression! too cute!

    oh--and those flip flops in the background.. i SO had a pair of those! they were blue too!

  2. How funny he would someday become an electrical engineer. That picture is VERY telling. Please just tell me the plug didn't end up in his mouth! My 2 year old would totally do that!

  3. ohmahgosh, cute cute cute!!!!

  4. Oh that is AWESOME! What a great and completely adorable photo!

  5. Aly--I wouldn't be suprised if it had. It's a whole sequence of pictures that stop just after this one. : )


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