Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Best Breakfast In Huntsville

A sporadic spotlight on the things that make Huntsville, Alabama standout.

Edith Anns

I am on a quest to try new eateries in Huntsville. So each week, for our Friday date night, I try to come up with new and fabulous places we can try. Especially new, fabulous, and locally owned places we can try.

I first found Edith Anns on a Google search. It had excellent reviews but based on the location (right on a highway) and the type of food (breakfast) I couldn't catch the hubby's attention. After hearing more praise from others in town, and discovering that it was only open for breakfast and lunch, the hubby and I decided to make a Saturday brunch of it.

They won Best Breakfast in Huntsville last year and with good reason. The food is clearly homemade in the absolute best sense of the word. But the service tops even that. Our waitress was friendly and attentive, hitting that hard to reach balance between service and privacy. You won't find a hugely expansive menu or any exotic foods, but the prices are reasonable and the portions beyond generous. We'll be back and we'll be bringing out out of town guests here instead of the ever present Cracker Barrel.

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