Saturday, February 06, 2010


Tonight, while catching up on my backlog of blog reading, I found a neat little twitter widget on Buns In My Oven's newest posts. So, of course, I had to go see what this was about. Turns out TweetMeme is a service that allows people to easily retweet posts with the click of a button. You can install it as a widget into your blog template (in your sidebar) or embed the code directly in emails, blog posts, web pages, and rss feeds.

I've opted to add it to my blog posts directly. The only problem? The widget apparently looks to the page the user is currently on. Meaning that if I embed the code in a particular post than from my main page, it displays the number of times my main page has been linked to. However, if I am on the page for the individual post, it displays the number of times that particular post has been linked to. My only other quibble? The script automatically includes @tweetmeme in the retweet instead of my twitter account. This is a setting I can change if I use the blogger widget, but then it must be embedded in the sidebar.

Overall, the utility (and good looks) of the widget are enough for me to make it a standard part of my posts. Hopefully, these details are things TweetMeme will work out in time.

What are your thoughts on twitter links (like TweetMeme) on blogs? Do they make you more likely to retweet? Annoy you by taking up space?

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