Sunday, February 14, 2010

RIP Little Computer

Six years ago (and some change) my hubby (who was then still my boyfriend) and I built me a new computer. It wasn't exactly new, as there were parts salvaged from my last computer, which was then 4 years old, a hand-me-down from my parents when I went away to college. But we took ourselves to Fry's and I dutifully bought the things that my charming beau determined were necessary. Then we came home and assembled it into a shiny newish computer.

In the intervening six years my computer has gotten an upgrade every time my hubby's computer does; whenever he gets new stuff for birthdays, Christmas, etc, the old parts go into my machine. This system has worked quite well for us and though we knew my computer was getting old and would need replacing we never quite got around to getting serious about it.

Until this week. Although that was more of the computer decided to get serious about it. By dying. Quite wonderfully too. It will turn on, but simply cycles back to an error screen, refusing to even boot in safe mode.

Clearly this was a sign from the universe and so, after much consultation with the hubby and my brother (currently working in IT) I ordered a shiny new laptop yesterday. In two weeks, I will have a brand new Studio 15 from Dell. In green.

In the meantime, I am cobbling together time on borrowed computers here and there. I could probably try to forge ahead with the 365 project, uploading photos to borrowed computers or writing blogposts in word to match to photos still on my camera...but honestly I don't know that I will. Life is rather nutty right now (and cold and dreary). So, for the meantime the 365 project will pause. I will "catch up" with any photos I do take once I have my new laptop.

Quoteables will continue to be posted and I have a few more things to post where the photos are already uploaded. Other things will resume once I get my laptop up and running. Thankfully, it is set to arrive on a Friday, so I should have all weekend to get it just so. : D

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  1. I'm pretty happy right now with the laptop I have (it's an HP model, IDK any more than that)and when I've got the money, I'll be getting a microphone to use instead of the built-in one (that reminds me to set the microphone system back to default). I hope the new Dell works out.


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