Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Irises: Grandma's Quilt

The second quilt top that I ever put together was a Christmas gift for my grandmother. I had found the iris fabric in my local quilt shop, and knowing that they were her favorite flower, knew I had to make her a quilt.

I had had grand plans with all sorts of other, coordinating fabrics, but they were all much too busy. Instead I went with simple and serene and set the irises against white (my grandmother's favorite color).

Day 6

The back was a beautiful "dog hair" pattern in purple, bordered in white.

Day 6

This was the very first thing I ever quilted, and it shows.

Day 6

But it was made with love, which is what really matters. Finished in 2003, my Grandma still keeps it on her chair and occasionally even uses it.

Day 6

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    You give someone a huge, warm and comfy hug every time they use a quilt that you made for them. I think the hug you gave your grandma is beautiful.


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