Friday, January 15, 2010

Flashback Friday # 6

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The Team

2005 was the final year of my undergraduate education. As a capstone course for my degree, I was required to take on a senior design project and for the first six months of the year we lived and breathed that project. "We" being myself and three other of my fellow students. Some I was friends with before, others I became friends with somewhere during the long hours in the lab and the shop, the hours of discussion, the endless writing and rehearsing. For our project we chose to build an educational kit to teach the history and science of historical siege engines to junior high kids. We chose to make a kit that could build either a trebuchet or an onager. We did calcuations to determine what the expected distance would be, build up prototypes, did testing, wrote up assembly instructions, laid out our thoughts on marketing, and generally treated this as though we could walk out the door and pitch the idea to someone. We opted not to, but we were clearly onto something because my the next year Think Geek was selling something very similar. Of course, my heart will always be with ours.

Onager-Post Launch Trebuchet- Ready to Launch

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