Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Headache Free Holiday Baking--Tip 5--Finishing Touches

In this post I outlined some of my tips and tricks for simplifying holiday baking. Today, I'm going to talk about how we applied the fifth and final tip:

Finishing Touches

The goal of your packaging is mainly to preserve and protect your goodies until they can reach your recipients. However, if you are packaging up lots of them, you also want it to be simple, and, after putting all that effort into the baking, you want the packaging to look just as good!


Over the years my mom and I have tried:

Goodie Bags
Plates with saran wrap
Plates with Ziploc bags

The last is our standby and has been for years now. Seasonal tins are cute, but they can get pricey and they often hold far too many or far too few cookies. The shapes can make it difficult for cookies to fit and your recipient is left with yet another tin.

Goodie bags are cute, but for bulky cookies, they only hold a few--fine for gifting a single person, but they hold far too little for a family.

Plates with saran wrap look messy and the saran wrap has a tendency to come off the plate and allow the cookies to slop around.

Extra Plates

Gallon ziploc bags however, are the perfect size to fit a dinner plate. They are easy to open and close, tape tags to or write on. A dinner plate can be stuffed to the gills or more loosely filled, but can certainly hold enough for an entire family. If you want to get fancy you can use glass plates (which you can often pick up for a dollar, less than those seasonal tins!). As I mentioned previously, however, I've found that in the South, people tend to think that I am handing out my dishes and it makes them very uncomfortable. So I've switched to paper plates. I'm toying with the idea of something like this or this...a plate that tells people it's meant to be passed around and shared. (And thus, by extension...no I do not need it back, and no I am not handing out my dishes!)

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