Monday, December 07, 2009

Day 148/365--True Wuv

My daily contiribution to my year long "Around the House" photo project. 365 photos. Blogged here.

148/365 True Wuv

Today, when I came home I found this. A semi-made bed. Before I ever met my husband I used to make my bed every day. Even if that meant making it right before hoping in it to sleep. I just like sleeping in made beds rather than a squirmy pile of loose covers. My husband thought I was nuts and over the years it's devolved to straightening out the squirmy pile of loose covers over me after crawling into bed. So when I came home today to discover that he had straightened up the bed before he left for work, I was over the moon. Perhaps this will herald a new phase of bed made-ness. : )

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