Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's early(ish) Thanksgiving morning. The hubby is still asleep and the cats, well fed and content, have curled up next to me while I type. The only sounds are the slight whir of the heater and the clacking of the keyboard. It's a perfect holiday morning with space to reflect about how absolutely pinch-me happy I am.

This year I am thankful for:

The People...

Love by Fountain *My wonderful hubby--He's patient, loving, kind, and fiercely intelligent. He never once scolded me for crashing the car and, in my mind, that says it all.

*The kitty babies--they are warm purring cuddly balls of destruction and they make everything better.

*My friends--who make a dedicated effort to keep in touch, even though we are far away.

*Bloggers--all those wonderful people who put their thoughts, ideas, tips, tricks, and lives on display. They are a never ending source of inspiration to me, from the quilters who make me wish I could make a quilt a week just to make all the amazing things I see to the mommy bloggers whose refreshing honesty gives me hope for the generation they are raising.

The Big Things...

Stoplight*Our new house--It's beautiful, colorful, spacious, and has everything we ever wanted and then some.

*My job--I have a job I adore. I get to learn new things everyday, work with amazing people, and help bring products into the world that improve people's lives, even if only a little.

*My hubby's job--A job that lets him do what he dreamed of doing with coworkers he likes and respects.

*Our amazing new hometown--the lush trees, the clean air, the friendly people.

And the Little...

All Together Now*Online shopping, especially Etsy--I love being able to shop handmade year round and gift people with things that are made with love.

*Serendipitous decorating--the way all the random things we've collected over the years are pulling together to create an amazing whole.

*Netflix--not only do I not have to drive to the video store, but the hubby can stream all the scary movies he wants to his heart's content.

*Little mouse shaped cat toys--and the way Abby carries them around the house

*A super cute haircut!

What are you thankful for?


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I am thankful to be able to see how creative and inteligent one of my best friend's daughter has grown up to be! Live long and enjoy your life with your beloved hubby.


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